Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tiny black and white

Chic and simple black and white accessories and small furniture from the very affordable New York-based Tiny Living - Furnishings for Small Spaces

Mid-summer white

In the hot month of August what better to chill us out than modern linear white furniture from UK-based Konteaki.

Alaska Painted Oak Double Frame

Kristina Drawer Tv Cabinet

Kristina Bedside

Kristina Warderobe

Tarka Painted Pine Drawer Chest

What can we say, Kristina is lovely and chic!

Colorful wristlets

New York-based Janine King makes wonderful wristlets available on Etsy

Inspiring lettering

meta name="ProgId" content="Word.Document">As part of our subscription to Wise Decor Wall Lettering Ideas Newsletter, we receive regularly inspiring pictures of houses decorated using this lettering technique. This summer, the talented people at Wise Decor feature interior designers who use decorative lettering in their work, as well as their own residences. This week it was Sally Bacarella of Bacarella Interiors and one of the light-filled kitchens designed by her.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cherry blossom

Gracious cherry-themed home accessories from Mrs. Lin's Kitchen. Baby-blue and grey-white cherry blossoms...what more could one want?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Italian secretaire desk

Who doesn't secretly desire this fancy secretaire desk from Smania? If only to put the laptop inside.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Nancy Botwin resorted to selling weed to keep her house looking all pretty suburban-ish. But her tastes in interior design were not weedy at all.

Little boxes do look pretty in Agrestic. And the lights are always on in every corner of the house.

Summer etsy-ing


There are 2 things we like right this second:

1. Summer
2. Etsy

... we combine them and come up with great pieces like these:

1 - Adorable flowery pocket mirror from missbellasroom
2 - Soap art from sunbasilgarden
3 - Ice cream shop tags from vmilan (check out Veronica's other great goodies)
4 - Poppy print from dazeychic's etsy shop

Decoretta finds cozy hotel room

In an attempt to hide from the heatwave brought by mid-July days, Decoretta has traveled to a nice mountain resort and has been fortunate to find a neatly-styled hotel room. Bright yellow, fresh orange, mahogany and the sour cherry red of the carpet all blend harmoniously and it all becomes very movie-esque in the light of the sunset. I can only imagine the coziness of the colors during snowy winter days.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Square plate find

Apparently square plates are back and Decoretta found some particular nice white ones with fine silver insertions. Chic and classy we might say!

Vintage style resource

Absolutely fabulous resource at Design Reviver - Vintage Style Texture and Photoshop Brushes.
One of the first virtual shops that I explored when I became interested in design was Eleanor Grosch's Pushmepullyou Design. I love the simplicity and cheerfulness of her designs and the fact that Eleanor promotes her work herself. She is a very talented "busy bee" as she calls herself and a very merry one as well judging from her blog.

All pictures property of Pushmepullyou Design.

All pictures property of Pushmepullyou Design.

Californication cream living room

The fact that they live in sunny and rich Los Angeles, makes it easy for the Runkle family (of the Showtime's brilliant new series Californication) to have an interior to die for.

Kudos to the set designers who took care of the living room space of this fictional agent-beautician family and made it look like a cream-cafe paradise.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

pisa shelving maple

The Club Sunny seating has a very clean and clear design and does not occupy too much space. Aboveit is pictured for presentation purposes but if you imagine it as a part of a modern office it can be both hip and comfy. The combination of silver and warm colors and the curved ergonomic shape complement each other harmoniously.

Available at

the pot and the kettle

I want to start off by offering a glimpse into the very colorful world of an Ohio-based Etsy seller, JMNpottery. Lovely morning comes with a lovely sip-pot and coffee pot as well. Jennifer's pieces are wonderfully painted and you can even place a custom order.